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Here at Diversions we know hats, and hats are very important, they are a stylish and functional garmet to help provide numerous things for you and your delicate noggin. They provide shade from the sun's harmful rays, warmth in the middle of a blizzard, keep your head high and dry in a rain storm, or to just simply help you to look your best. We are passionate about hats and want nothing but the best headware for you. Our goal is to provide so many hat options for every occasion that it will be easy to find the perfect hat to fit your life. Diversions has thousands of hats in a variety of sizes colors and materials in store to choose from and more of those hats are being added online every day.

We cater to a large variety of heads...


Women in need of stylish sun hat, oh and we have it in your size! You want that in a different color? No problem we have that right here for you. Are you looking for matching hats for you and your son or daughter? Perfect for a family photo. Are you a gentleman with extra cranial capacity filled with high quality grey matter? Well then he have a whole sections for you and that head of yours. We have hats for all sizes and ages even the tiniest of heads! How about a hat for man's best friend? Yes thats right hats for dogs! and we can get you one to match.

Remember "You're Not Fully Dressed Without a Hat" so feel free to look through our online store and "Take One For a Spin!"